Hi, I am Neera Mahajan.

Welcome to my newsletter.

I started this newsletter for writers who want to have fun with writing while learning how to publish and market their work.

Three years ago, I quit a six-figure job to become a full-time writer.

Since then, I have written on my website, Medium, and LinkedIn.

Last year I wrote and published three books and a planner for writers.

I started A Whimsical Writer in November 2020. I send a thoughtful, whimsical letter to my reader with a fresh cartoon each Friday.

This year, I have expanded the newsletter to include a short story and a paid element ‘Behind The Scene’ where I share my insights, experiences, and learnings with new writers wanting to establish their online careers. It will also include occasional courses as well as excerpts from my books.


Neera Mahajan
A writer, blogger and an authorpreneure.